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On Contact

February 11, 2009

I am watching Frost/Nixon and I did not know that Diane Sawyer helped write Nixon’s memoirs. Pretty Cool.  I thought why not send her an email and ask a few questions about that. Wrong. I cannot find any, even a token, form of contact information for her. I have emailed various celebrities to no avail, but at least I had the option to.

Anyway, this got me to thinking about how the internet has given us the great option to be able to have personal contact with anyone who is open to it. Scott Monty, of Ford, had a much tweeted about impromtu Q&A with Ford’s CEO, the CEO of Zappos is able to be tweeted @ whenever you want, and so many others. The point is that these people are people who people want to talk to. They are celebrities and whether it is just the bragging rights of having exchanged a word, or the added credibility to their own efforts they will always be sought after by, well, everyone with a few spare minutes. Most people assume that trying to contact a celebrity is a lost cause and I tend to agree, but not as much as I used to.

Ten years ago, a response required writing and sending a letter, and this took time. Now, an email is easy to send and composing and a tweet or whatever is even easier. I am coming to believe that the thing that is going to seperate now from the past is the ability to correspond with anyone. As the ease of contact continues to increase people will take advantage and those who are in demand are then in a position to ignore or respond. This all really doesn’t mean anything, except that I hope that people will be more open and that everyone who never gets their 15 minutes will be able to at least have a moment to converse with those who have either had or are having theirs.

Unrelated: I saw Andrew Bird for free and got a poster signed by him. Go listen to him.

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