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Advertising Commentary

February 5, 2009

Yesterday and Today I received direct mailings from both Time Warner and AT&T in an effort to choose one of them for my cable services. I have no cable services at the moment and find that with an ounce of patience all the content I desire can be found online in some form or fashion. Regardless, I feel the need to highlight one very good piece of advertising and one very average piece that on it’s own would have been innocuous but when placed next to the other is revealed as being quite lame.

First. The Time Warner Effort.

Wonderful. You provide television. The day before however I was surprised to find what looked like a birthday or thank you card in the mail.

The AT&T Effort


AT&T paid hallmark to come up with this card. I was so confused and the personal touches were appreciated. I have not been moved to get a new content provider, but if I were to decide I would probably go with AT&T. The beauty of the advert is that it doesn’t even say what the service costs! It just convinced me that this is the service I need. I need the service from the people who send me form hallmark cards because it’s better than the usual space filler found in a mail box. I even had to go through the trouble of taking it out of the envelope, only because I wanted to know who was sending me a card from a strange address.

In summary: props to AT&T and Time Warner well there isn’t much to say about you.

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